School Parking Campaign-Banner Design Competition Winner

Congratulations to Nimra Hussain, of Grove House Primary School who is the winner of the The Bradford District School Parking Campaign-Banner Design Competition.

Pupils from across the district were asked to design a banner to be displayed as part of the partnership with West Yorkshire Police and Bradford Council.

The scheme is designed to tackle illegal and inconsiderate parking outside primary schools.

Officers spend two weeks at each school, educating motorists on the dangers of inconsiderate parking and why it is safer to park away from school grounds, and enforcing the law on anyone found parking illegally.

So far, nineteen schools across the Bradford district have been visited, and on-going work with ten others is currently underway.

Sergeant Adrian Wright, who organised the initiative in partnership with Bradford Council, said: “We would like to thank Nimra and all the children who sent in their entries for the competition.

“We were pleased with the response and hope that people are getting the message as to why parking outside schools safely and responsibly is so important.”



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