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Byron School unveil Myra Shay GreenLine Mile Route

A new one-mile walking and jogging loop has been launced this week around the Myra Shay between Barkerend Road and Killinghall Road.

Children from the nearby Byron Primary School opened the route along with The Bradford Bull’s Bullman.

The GreenLine Mile is designed to be easy to follow, instantly recognisable and generally accessible to everyone.

Bradford became the first city in the country to have a GreenLine Mile and this new route is one of four routes to be created in the city to encourage people to be more active.

Providing facilities like the GreenLine Mile will enable families and communities in the area to improve their own health by making use of the route to Lister Park.

Byron Primary School - GreenLine Mile 2
Pupils from Byron Primary School celebrate the opening of the GreenLine Mile with the Bradford Bull’s Bullman

Cllr Val Slater, Deputy Leader and portfolio holder for Health and Wellbeing, said:

“It’s amazing what a brisk ten minute jog or walk can do for your health. We all need to be more active and this Greenline mile is an ideal starting point for people to get moving.

“Because it’s a measured mile you can start at your own pace and build up the amount of exercise you do over time.

“We all have a role to play in making sure people in Bradford have better and healthier lives. Getting outside, being active and enjoying the Myra Shay is one way local residents can stay health and improve their own lives.

John Dennis, from Bradford Athletics Network and Active Bradford said:

“We’re hoping the whole community comes to together to find their own use for this important Bradford resource, one of several initiatives that comes under the current RunBradford banner.”

“This route links several schools around the Myra Shay which will hopefully encourage children and their parents to be more active.

England Athletics, who are developing a series of GreenLine miles across the country, has invested £30,000 into the project to support the joint work being done by Bradford Athletics Network, Bradford Council’s Public Health department and other Active Bradford Partnership organisations.

You can find out more information about the Greenline mile at www.bradford.gov.uk/greenlinemile.